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miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Welcom to #CucutaNEWS, the newspaper of Cucuta in North of Santander in Colombia border

Chapinero of Cucuta, 19Apr2017 (Felix Heli Contreras Martinez).- The newspaper of Cucuta begins its edition, publication and dissemination of the news activity of Cucuta, its People, its surroundings and the border.

We go hand in hand with the CORPORATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRONTIER - CORPOFRONTERA and the LA SAGRADA FAMILIA INTERNACIONAL GROUP ASSOCIATION located in street 2 with avenue 0 corner, opposite the Atalaya highway, in the Chapinero neighborhood of the city Of Cúcuta, the international city of the border.

We hope to have the professional support of our friend Jean Ronald Castillo Jauregui.

See you soon friends of #CucutaNEWS.

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Movil: +57-312-359-8024

Postscript: Our mother tongue is Spanish.
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